Why Hotels Should Have an Intranet

An intranet provides solutions for hospitality companies focused on quality and effectiveness of their staff and products. Many leading companies in the industry are using SharePoint to empower employees to provide superior service, build customer loyalty and streamline operational processes.

Why you need Microsoft SharePoint: 10 Questions any CIO should ask.

SharePoint2013logoAs CIO, your responsibilities extend beyond managing IT. You must be the driving force that propels your company forward through better use of technology. You need the right tools for the job. The following are 10 questions every CIO should ask when evaluating a content and collaboration platform:

1. How can we improve our employees’ access to information?

Your employees should not have to search through drawers full of paper files, stacks of email printouts, or multiple online folders and shares.  Your company needs a robust search capability which allows employees to quickly and easily find and sort through information located anywhere in your company.

2. Is it possible to reduce information management costs while reducing our impact on the environment?

An electronic records system will save your employees time and your company money. Electronic records do not require storage space or transportation. They greatly improve business processes, and reduce paper consumption.

3. How can we extract value from all the data we store?

An effective content and document management application will allow your company to convert data into information and insights. This enables your company to operate more efficiently and make more informed decisions.

4. How can we facilitate communication within the company?

Community sites help employees communicate by making information interactive and easier to find.

5. How can we increase the quality of information available to our employees?

Social features allow employees to quickly contact the author or subject matter expert and verify that information is up to date and accurate. It also allow to “follow” and automatically get updates from the author.

6. How can we improve customer service?

The ability to find the correct information quickly will enable your company to deliver the best possible customer service.

7. Can we create a work environment that maximizes every employee’s potential?

Enable your employees with social technologies that make it quick and easy to access expertise within their teams and throughout the company. Employees should be able to collaborate from anywhere through their mobile devices.

8. How can we improve communication and productivity among teams?

A content management application should bridge the communication gap between different teams, shifts, and locations. Employees should have ready access to the most up to date information; allowing for better collaboration and decision making.

9. Are our audit trails transparent enough in case of litigation?

You should strive to simplify information governance for your entire company. Protect you company from litigation by keeping an audit trail of all activities. Every action should be traceable to the employee concerned and information must be able to be hold if needed.

10. How can we improve security and control access to information?

The right people should have access to the right information at the right time. Create various sites so that different people within of your organization (and outside of your organization) will have access to different areas and information.

Did you find yourself with no answer to some of these questions? Microsoft SharePoint provides functionality to address all the above questions. Want to know more or need help? Ask one of our SharePoint Consultants.