Unience.com is launched!

OSI is proud to announce the launch of www.unience.com. Unience and OSI collaboration results in a top of the line social network with the latest and greatest in web design, usability, and conversion optimization.


  • Unience had a community portal that was outdated and did not represent the image and branding that the company wanted to convey.
  • In response to new customer requirements, competition, industry standards, new technology and marketing trends, and seeking a better ROI, Unience wanted to redesign and develop a new portal that would replace their current portal with significant improvements in user experience, graphical interface, content, architecture, and online advertising revenue capabilities.


OSI executed a full site audit and designed a new community portal with significant improvements in user experience, graphical interface, and architecture. The portal was designed applying key factors in achieving a persuasive web presence, best design practices for the industry online, and a throughout analysis of Unience’s customer profiles. Congratulations to Ariel Kellmer , Heliana Parnisari, Nicolas Oriol, and the rest of the OSI and Unience team for the amazing work!



Unience Old


Unience New


For more info please visit: www.unience.com

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