How to Simplify Email Communications with Personal Banking Customers

When it comes to personal banking, email is an effective tool for keeping customers informed about new products and services, and delivering brand-building welcome messages.

But the problem is, sending email campaigns is time consuming. And if you don’t know how to effectively manage an email marketing campaign, your valuable emails could be sent straight to your customers’ junk folders.

So what’s the solution? An automated email system that you can set and forget.

At OSI, we’ve created a custom email marketing integration system (EMIS) for banks and other financial institutions to automatically send important customer communications such as:

  • Welcome emails
  • New service announcements
  • Product cross-selling
  • Birthday and anniversary messages

This tool can be used for everything from semi-automated and/or manual delivery to a combination of fully automated (trigger based) and semi-automated delivery.

Not only can an EMIS help you build better relationships and increase website traffic, but it can save valuable time and effort on your part by:

  • Ensuring a consistent customer experience with the bank across different touch points
  • Supporting Account Managers’ communication efforts across the customer sales cycle
  • Transitioning email marketing efforts from broadcast email campaigns to a set of high-value programs that foster superior multi-channel customer relationships

Are you ready to save time and money, while building better relationships with your clients? Contact us today to learn more about how an EMIS can improve your email marketing campaigns and simplify your customer correspondences.

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