Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Successful Businesses

As 2011 comes to an end, it’s time to set your sights on success in the New Year. People often make personal New Year’s Resolutions, but we believe businesses should make them, too. Here are the top 5 New Year’s Resolutions business owners and entrepreneurs should make to be more successful in 2012.

Resolution 1: Work Smarter
When most people think of success, they immediately assume they must work harder to achieve it. But today’s technology allows us to obtain the same results by working smarter, not harder. For example, you can improve productivity with Microsoft SharePoint, a solution that allows your entire office to collaborate and complete projects from a single platform. Or you can save time with an Enterprise Search system, which can help you quickly and easily find people, files, websites, expertise, and content in business applications.

Resolution 2: Keep Up With the Latest Trends
This year, resolve to not let your business fall into obsolescence. Stay relevant and competitive in your field by keeping up with the latest business and marketing trends. Of course you’ll want to focus on those that are proven to be effective for your industry, but you can start by making your website mobile-friendly, launching a social media marketing campaign, or implementing the latest and greatest software to boost your business.

Resolution 3: Boost Your Web Presence
When it comes to your business image, a simple Google search for your company can paint a not-so-pretty picture for your potential clients. That’s why it’s important to consider your online presence. Does your website properly convey your expertise?  Does your company even have an online presence? Ensure a more successful year by boosting your web presence. Depending on your goals, this could be as simple as revamping your LinkedIn profile to as in-depth as redesigning your entire website.

Resolution 4: Improve Customer Relations
The best customer is a happy customer. But most businesses wait until an issue arises before they actually worry about whether their customers are happy or not. This year, resolve to take a proactive approach to customer satisfaction. You can get pretty creative with this, but a couple ideas include interacting with your customers on social media or implementing an email marketing integration system that automatically sends welcome emails and happy birthday messages.

Resolution 5: Promote Your Business
Many business owners make the mistake of waiting for customers to come to them. Others forget that promotion is an on-going process. This year, be your own advocate and make an extra effort to promote your business. Whether it’s handing out business cards at your next networking event or implementing a Search Engine Marketing strategy, spending a little extra time and effort to promote your business will pay off big in the long run.

What goals have you set for your business in 2012? Do you have a New Year’s Resolution for your company? Please share in the comments below. And remember, OSI is always here to help you succeed, now and throughout the New Year. Contact us today to find out how we can help you set and meet your business goals for 2012.

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