5 Tips To Avoid Google Content Farm Penalty

A recent update from the world’s number one search engine Google has shaken the Internet Marketing world. Affecting 12% of its global search volume, this update is basically a stern action against those websites, which produce low value content and provides zero benefit to the end user. Termed as Content Farms, such websites exist to churn out content in mass volume, just to place Google Adsense advertisements, and eventually earn from them.

Google Content Farms
Google Content Farms

Now (in)famous as Content Farm update, this new algorithmic change in Google search engine has triggered a massive downfall in overall traffic of several high valued websites. Ezinearticles.com, the mecca of article marketing has reported a decline of over 80% traffic, Hubpages.com and Squidoo.com, the flag-bearer of web2.0 revolution have witnessed 70 to 85% less traffic after this update.

In a nutshell, if you are into Internet Marketing, then it becomes imperative for you to avoid this penalty from Google. By following the below 5 tips, you can avoid Google Content Farm penalty:

a) Identify the niche and cater to the ‘Need’:

The very basic necessity of content is to provide information and to help the reader. Thus, as an Internet Marketer, you should first identify the niche, or the market, and find the problems. Based on that problems, create quality content.

b) Never, ever copy the content:

A typical content farm is a website which copies content from other blogs/websites and re-post them to fill in pages. This practice should be avoided at all cost. Either the content should be unique, or no content at all.

c) Be an expert & produce great content:

This is the age of Internet Marketing, wherein people listen and follow the experts. If you are maintaining a blog, be the expert in that. Once you are an expert, the content produced by will be high value, and people will listen. The whole point is to produce great informative content.

d) Encourage comments and create the buzz:

Google loves those blog and websites which has lot of crowd activity. This can only be achieved by encouraging public participation and active discussions. More the comments and discussions, more buzz will be created, and higher are the chances that the blog/website will rank higher in the search engine result pages.

e) Write for humans, not for the engine:

Writing useless crap with keywords stuffed in them is now past. Content Farming penalty has come down heavily on such websites. Create the content for the actual end user, who will read the content and make his/her life easy.

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  1. limos Reply →

    Very useful info, thanks for putting the article together. Of particular note is #5 – people are looking for quality content and I’m glad G has finally come around to realizing that and putting it into practice.

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