5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Bank’s Website

Do you know how many people visit your bank’s website each month?  Better still, do you know how many people who don’t work for your bank visit your site each month?  Chances are you’d like that number to be higher.  After all, increased web traffic means that more people are interacting with your company.  Eventually, these interactions can produce new accounts.

Of course, you have to be able to see your traffic stats before you can improve them.  Google Analytics is an extremely helpful and free service that gives you up-to-date information concerning your site’s traffic.  You can monitor the number of monthly page views, unique visitors, and even the most popular pages on your site.  In order to really understand Google Analytics and take advantage of all it can do, contact us.  We at Onsearch can break down the relevant information for you, establishing goals and purchasing funnels based on your analytics.  With that said, here are five ways to get more eyes on your website.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) A recent Cornell study revealed that the top 3 results on any given Google search get 79% of the clicks.  When someone searches Google for the best place to get a real estate loan in your city, you want your name to be at the top the list.  A good SEO strategy can help.  For example, at Onsearch we determine the most popular keywords people use when searching for banking products and services in your area.  Then we optimize your site structure and content and design and execute an online public relations strategy based on those keywords.  The result?  Future Google users will find your company’s name the next time they search.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC) – SEM or PPC strategies include paid search engine advertising and contextual placement such as the Google Adwords program to ensure that search engines always promote your site.  SEM strategies give you the opportunity to get 100% of the search engine results for a query that’s relevant to your bank.

3. E-mail marketing – Think about your existing customers.  Does your bank have information that could help them decide to open another account or acquire other services from you (i.e. a checking account customer that opens a credit card or acquires a home loan?). Using an e-mail marketing service to send relevant links as a cross-selling tool is a great way to get existing customers excited about a new product or service. Any bank or financial services institution should leverage email in its marketing mix to:

A. Ensure a consistent customer experience with the bank across different touch points.

B. Support account managers communication efforts across the customer sale cycle.

Also, banks should look to transition email marketing efforts from broadcast email campaigns (what most companies do) to a set of high-value programs that foster superior multi-channel customer relationships through a fully automated (trigger based) and/or semi-automated delivery mechanism (i.e. received a customized invitation to enroll to online banking when they open an account)

4. A corporate blog – A regularly updated blog gives users a reason to return to your site often and learn about other solutions or services your bank provides.  It also generates new content consistently, which is a factor Google takes into account when ranking your site on a given search.

5. A persuasive web presence. A web presence that properly conveys your values and sells your services. You may have a pretty website design, but does it lead to more sales?  Your website can be a powerful tool for your bank if you adopt a conversion strategy.  Here are some of the factors Onsearch considers when redesigning a website.


  • Positioning
  • Credibility
  • Copy
  • Transparency
  • Usability
  • Customer Service
  • Design
  • Scarcity
  • Calls to Action

Onsearch Interactive can increase traffic to your bank’s website and convert this traffic into potential customers by incorporating a comprehensive mix of all five solutions described.  We take pride in being able to make your website the most popular in its class. Contact us today to learn more.

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