Facebook marketing is overrated

Should you invest time and energy in creating and maintaining a Facebook presence?

In my opinion, it is all a question of the resources you and your company have and what your objectives are. And when I talk about resources I am not only talking about money, I am talking about time: Our most valuable resource.

Are you trying to increase sales right before Christmas? Engaging fans in Facebook is not likely to generate sales short term. However, investing in search marketing will very likely result in increasing sales for the holiday season.

How do I know? Call your friend, associates, and customers and ask the following question: Do you use Facebook when you want to buy something? I am sure that 99% of the respondents will say No. And will definitely add, “I use Google/Bing/Yahoo when I want to purchase something online”.

There you have it. You want to increase sales short term, go ahead and run a search engine marketing campaign. Don’t know how. Let us help you.

Now, if you have the time and the money to replicate your web experience in Facebook and answer hundreds of comments asking people to visit your site for more, then execute a search marketing campaign and then Facebook.

What about Facebook ads? Ask yourself the same question: Do you use Facebook when you want to buy something? “NO”. Intent to purchase and Click Through Rate (% of people actually clicking in your ad) in Facebook ads are much less than Google or any other search engine.

There you have it. Facebook marketing is overrated.

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