Why should I care about online marketing?

Author: David Olivares

You should care because:

  • The internet is an unstoppable force
  • More than 75% of the US population has internet Access
  • Millions of people and companies use it everyday (email, google search, social media)
  • It provides companies and individuals:
    • A vehicle to be present 24x7x365
    • A flexible and cost effective way of communicating with customers, partners, etc..
    • A way to reduce costs: sales executive time, administrative costs, paper, printing
    • A way of measuring results real time: visits, keywords, geographies, who’s contacting the company, etc. and acting on those results
  • Your competitors and clients are online.

What do analysts say? Check the following charts

In conclusion, those that say that online marketing is not for their companies are totally CLUELESS. That is the same as saying marketing is not for their companies.

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  1. Algis Reply →

    The biggest problem is not the online marketing but the complexity of it. I deal with restaurants and 8 out of 10 owners have zero clue what is the purpose of a website. Not even talking Seo of a website. And now mobile is coming: even more people don’t get it how to make proper campaign with mobile.

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