5 Ways Microsoft SharePoint Can Save You Money

In today’s uncertain economic climate, decision makers like you are under more pressure than ever to deliver without overspending.  How can you save money without compromising productivity and efficiency?  Try Microsoft SharePoint.  SharePoint is a solution that allows your entire office to collaborate and complete projects from a single platform.  Let’s look at how Microsoft SharePoint’s products and technologies can help you.

1. Improved employee productivity

  • Projects don’t reach completion when everyone is stuck waiting for an e-mail to get passed around.  SharePoint allows you to increase productivity by creating unique document drop boxes and advanced e-mail communication for team members in your organization.

2. Enhanced effectiveness of customer service and sales teams

  • The highly customizable functionality of SharePoint gives you the ability to cut pricey CRM and sales programs out of your budget.  You can use the internal nature of SharePoint to create special websites devoted to those areas at no extra cost.

3. Simplified Management and Training

  • Training programs and basic management functions are a drain on your time and resources.  With SharePoint, you can establish comprehensive workflows to automate processes like document approval, thereby freeing you up to work on more meaningful projects.

4. Reduced IT costs and complexity

  • Other corporate intranet portals are confusing and they require constant IT assistance.  Microsoft focused on creating SharePoint with your needs and abilities in mind.  The simple interface gives you the freedom of utilizing an intranet portal without the costs of IT maintenance.

    an example of SharePoint's functionality

5. Reduced travel costs for team members

  • With SharePoint, team members never have to actually work in the same building.  Unique websites give members the ability to edit each other’s documents and hold live meetings on message boards.  After you begin to utilize some of SharePoint’s team features, you may never have to suffer through a red-eye flight again.


Interested in learning more about Microsoft SharePoint technologies?  Contact us.  If you have an interesting SharePoint experience of your own to share, please do so in our comment section.

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