An Example of How SharePoint Can Help You Get the Job Done

So you’ve heard about Microsoft SharePoint but you’re still not sure how it can help your business.  Maybe you think the little SharePoint icon will just end up gathering digital dust on your desktop.  The fact is, once you get a feel for what it can really do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without SharePoint as an office tool.  In order to hammer that point home, let’s create a basic scenario and watch Microsoft SharePoint play hero.

Here’s the deal: you’re the head of a four person team assigned to create a new brochure for your paper company.  The problem?  Two of you are located on different floors and the other two are located in different countries.  Normally, teams in this situation would struggle to play catch up with criss-crossing e-mails and rewrites that only prolong the project’s completion.  You need the entire team to work as if you’re all in the same room.  That’s where SharePoint comes in.

  • Document Collaboration

The true power of SharePoint reveals itself when you actually get to work.  Your SharePoint web site is your team’s HQ; it’s a private site that functions seamlessly with all Microsoft Office products.  As head of the team, you can create storage areas in the site for each page of the brochure.  Then, you can establish a Shared Documents page that the entire team can use to access each other’s work and even create new documents, thanks to Microsoft Word’s compatibility.  Let’s say you notice that one team member listed incorrect specs in his page of the brochure.  With SharePoint, you can save time by simply making the changes yourself.  The best part is that all files are stored on a central server, so you can access your mock brochure pages with your PC, smart phone, or iPad. 

Now that your team has the tools to work together on the brochure, you may feel you need to beef up your communication efforts.  You can start by posting a private blog entry asking each member to come up with some ideas for the brochure’s cover.  Then, you can all meet in your site’s message board to settle on the best plan. 

  • Workflow Confirmation

As the group puts the finishing touches on the brochure, your higher-ups may start asking to see the finished product.  With SharePoint, you can easily set up an automated process that uses Outlook to send files and ask for approval.  If your bosses like what they see, SharePoint will immediately notify the team.  After your brochure wins several awards and nets each team member a significant bonus, the only thing SharePoint can’t do is join you for celebratory drinks. 

Hopefully, you can begin to see why companies everywhere are utilizing SharePoint for all sorts of projects.  If you want to incorporate this technology into your business, Onsearch Interactive Solutions can help!  As a registered Microsoft Partner, we are fully equipped to make SharePoint a fixture in your office.  For more information about SharePoint, click here.  Do you have a project that could use SharePoint’s help?  Tell us about it in the comment section and be sure to contact us.

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