How an Intranet Solution Benefits Your Marketing Department

If your business wants to survive in today’s competitive business environment, your organization must be able to communicate and collaborate with many different parties, often at the same time.

That’s especially true for marketing departments, which often juggle communication with multiple departments within an organization as well as external vendors and companies. They are also in charge of ensuring that only the latest and greatest approved marketing collateral, content and images are being used throughout the company.

Luckily, Microsoft’s SharePoint Intranet Solution can help with all of that. A customized Marketing Intranet site can act as a one-stop-shop for all of your employees to access and share important files marketing files, including:

  • Recent Marketing Collateral
    Your SharePoint Intranet can house all of your most up-to-date marketing brochures, one-pagers, and other collateral that is stored as a PDF or Word doc. You can tag and classify the data so that your marketing collateral is easily accessible and understandable by all of your employees – which can save valuable time across your organization. Versioning of documents is also available so you can make sure that employees are looking at the latest version of documents.
  • Approved Marketing Images
    Your SharePoint Intranet can act as a centralized location for your employees to access your entire library of approved marketing images—giving your marketing department greater control over which images are being used where. This image library can also act as an archive of older images.
  • Approved PowerPoint Slides
    With the use of the Slide Library, one of the default list type templates available in SharePoint, you can create a centralized location for all of your employees to access PowerPoint slides that that can be reused in any presentation, such as

    • Your most recent boiler plate
    • “About Us” slides
    • Contact information
    • Sales presentations
    • And much more
  • Marketing Videos
    Using SharePoint’s Media Web Part, you can easily add marketing videos to the home page of your Intranet site to relay important information to your employees or to allow them to access your most recent videos.  This web part comes out of the box with SharePoint and can be used to display video and audio clips on any page on your site.

At OSI, our goal is to use advanced technology to make your business run more efficiently, and as you can see SharePoint is an excellent way to do so for your marketing department’s important goals. OSI is a Microsoft Certified Partner in Portals & Collaboration with top experts in Microsoft SharePoint . If you’d like to learn more about how SharePoint can benefit your bank, financial institution or any other type of company, or to learn how you can get FREE professional and personalized guidance on specific SharePoint solution capabilities, please contact us today for a free quote.

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