How SharePoint Intranet Solution Can Benefit your Finance Department

As a Microsoft Certified Partner in Portals & Collaboration with top experts in Microsoft SharePoint, we see over and over again how Microsoft SharePoint can benefit each department in a company—including finance departments.

The planning, organizing and monitoring that your finance department handles on a daily basis can be successfully streamlined with SharePoint. With Microsoft’s SharePoint Intranet Solution, you can create a customized finance portal that can enable your finance department to:

  • Save time by quickly analyzing large amount of information
  • Increase efficiency by centralizing data sources and consolidating information
  • Increase teamwork by allowing employees to collaborate on a single document
  • Share only what’s necessary to each employee on your team
  • Increase productivity by automating reports and delivery frequency

To see examples of how SharePoint 2010 can be used in a typical Finance department, by both an accounting manager and a controller, check out this created by the Microsoft SharePoint Demo Team:

Install Silverlight

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If you’d like to learn more about how SharePoint can benefit the finance department of your bank, financial institution or any other type of company, please contact us today for a free quote.

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