Do you have an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft?

SharePoint2013logoMany businesses that purchase an Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Microsoft are unaware that it often comes with SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS)— a Microsoft software assurance benefit. SDPS is an opportunity for businesses to get professional and personalized guidance on specific SharePoint solution capabilities—absolutely free of charge. But unfortunately, it’s a valuable benefit that many businesses do not take advantage of.

What is SDPS?

SDPS allows Microsoft customers to use their Software Assurance Benefits to pay for SharePoint deployment, training, and upgrade services. There is no cost to you and depending on your number of licenses, you could be eligible for 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15-days of free consulting services from Onsearch Interactive.

What to expect from SDPS:

  • An assessment of your business’s unique needs, and the creation of a customized deployment plan based those needs
  • Efforts to validate and improve your current SharePoint deployment planning efforts
  • Comprehensive demos and discussions about how SharePoint capabilities can within your environment
  • Virtual lab sessions for a first-hand look at SharePoint capabilities and solutions

Basically, it’ll help you maximize your software investments, at no extra cost to your business.

How to implement your SDPS Benefits

Want to learn more about SharePoint Deployment Planning Services? As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we can help you activate your SDPS benefit and understand SDPS at no cost to you. Contact us today so we can develop a deployment plan customized to your unique environment.

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