Top 10 Reasons to Consider Microsoft SharePoint 2013



Managing company wide information is challenging. Don’t make your job more difficult than it has to be. Adopt a content management and collaboration solution that is simple to use and maximizes productivity. Read on for the top 10 reasons to consider Microsoft SharePoint 2013 today.

1. Document management is so easy a caveman could do it

Every user has an easily accessible central location for storing content that is conveniently called “My Site”. Simply drag and drop files onto My Site or any SharePoint library from any platform or browser.

2. Microsoft is learning from Facebook and Twitter

You can easily “follow” content from other users. SharePoint allows you to follow sites, people, documents, and tags. You can then rely on your newsfeed to “push” updates to you, rather than waste time navigating to various sites to see if content has been updated.

3. Time zones are no longer communication barriers

Employees, suppliers, and clients the all over the world have ready access to the same relevant, up to date information.

4. Be productive on the go

Use your mobile phone or tablet to share documents and stay connected with colleagues.

5. Finding the right person or document is no longer a pain in the butt

Searches deliver relevant results and suggest documents and people to follow.

6. Convert raw data into actionable intelligence

SharePoint converts raw data into rich, interactive charts and graphs that allow you to discover new insights at the speed of thought.

7. SharePoint 2013 plays well with others

Previous versions of SharePoint only worked with Internet Explorer. SharePoint 2013 works with all modern browsers.

8. Make friends in the Legal Department

SharePoint 2013 simplifies the process of performing a discovery for an audit. Quickly and easily find data relevant to a person or topic. Save the results in a format that can be accessed by the legal team later.

9. Microsoft gives away additional features

Well, not really. But they have improved SharePoint’s licensing. Features like Fast Search are now available without additional license fees.

10. Craft a unique brand

SharePoint 2013 makes it easy for a proficient web designer to create a uniquely branded internal or external facing web page.

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