Search Engine Optimization Demystified – 5 Quick Tips For CEOs

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process through which any website in this world can attract large number of visitors, at relatively cheap price. As of now, SEO is surely the most preferable and cost effective way to increase traffic in the online marketing arena at relative low price. Although SEO has gained immense popularity in recent years, there are several webmasters and e-business owners who are not aware of the actual process, and how it is beneficial for any online business.

If you are a CEO, and want to know more about SEO and its strategically important advantages, read these quick 5 tips:

a) SEO is the best source of free traffic

To begin with, traffic generation is the most crucial step for any online business. If there is no traffic, there is no business. So, how can an e-business owner attract traffic? The major avenues of traffic are: PPC or Paid Advertisement and SEO or traffic from organic search. When people search for a particular keyword on a search engine, there are different websites which are shown in the search result pages. With dedicated SEO, your website too can reach the top spot. However for that, you need not pay to the search engine like in PPC. You just need to follow the guidelines of SEO, and perform tasks like link building, keyword targeting based on-page changes and such similar optimization tasks. Once professionally done, SEO becomes the top source of traffic for your online business, for a long term.

b) SEO should be ethical

Black hat or unethical SEO tricks should be severely discouraged. Such methods can impose penalties on your website, and can get banned for life from search engines.

c) SEO Takes Time

SEO is not a get rich quick ponzi scheme. SEO is a mixture of art, science and technology. It is a strategy which takes time to fully execute and show the results. Depending on the competition and prevailing market conditions, SEO can be safely assumed to be a long term gradual process, which is permanent in nature.

d) How To Get Best SEO

It is very crucial to get the best SEO consultants for your business. First of all, check the credentials and back ground of the company. Check the references and see the past results. Interview the prospective consultant and ask questions. It is always advisable to ask questions and more questions and develop a trust bonding. Only creative and experienced minds can guarantee optimal results for your SEO campaign. Go for the best!

e) Are You Prepared For SEO?

Before embarking on the journey of SEO to get more traffic at low price, you should first judge whether your website is ready for the SEO process. The website should be up and running, and the call to actions clearly defined. The appearance of the home page and /or product pages should be user friendly, and designed to optimize conversion rate. And lastly, the website hosting account should be flexible enough to manage large volume of traffic in short notice. The infrastructure should be strongly in place to derive optimal results from SEO.

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