The Value of Google AdWords for Banks & Other Financial Institutions

When your potential customers search for your bank or financial institution on Google, 93% of them will not look past the first page of search results. With Google AdWords, not only will your business be displayed on the first page, but it’ll be prominently displayed at the top or right hand portion.

The Value of Google AdWords for Financial Institutions

Recent statistics show that more than 57% of all banks and 55% of the top 20 credit unions in the U.S. utilize Google AdWords, and for good reason. Google AdWords is perhaps the single most effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tool available. The best part is, Google AdWords displays your ads for free. You only pay when a potential customer actually clicks on your ad.

So how much will it cost you to utilize this effective advertising strategy? Here are some real prices of top-ranking financial keywords used by Bank of America, Bank of the West, Chase, Navy FCU, LendingTree and countless other financial institutions:

Keyword(s) Daily Searches Cost Per Click
auto loan 27,433 $0.62 – $0.76
business checking 2,467 $1.97 – $2.43
business loan 12,267 $1.53 – $1.89
cd rates 12,267 $1.77 – $2.17
checking account 18,333 $1.18 – $1.46
debit card 22,433 $0.75 – $0.93
Florida bank 10,033 $4.71 – $5.75
Florida home loan 97 $1.36 – $1.66
home loan 33,333 $0.83 – $1.01
Miami bank 1,650 $1.36 – $1.67
money market account 3.017 $1.29 – $1.59
mortgage 304,667 $1.16 – $1.42
online banking 111,666 $1.78 – $2.18
online bill pay 8,200 $0.90 – $1.10
savings account 15,000 $1.12 – $1.38

Google AdWords for Beginners

If you’re new to Google AdWords, be sure to check out this Google’s guide for beginners video which will give you valuable insight into what Google Adwords is and why is one of the most effective marketing tools available.

Avoid the number one Google AdWords mistake


On a final note: for any business using Google AdWords, the biggest mistake you can make is adopting a “set it and forget it” strategy. To effectively use PPC advertising, you need constant monitoring and optimization.

If you don’t have the staff to manage a successful PPC campaign, don’t worry. At OSI, we have the expertise to keep your advertising dollars working hard for you. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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