Human Resources Made Easy: How to Use Software to Automate HR Tasks


At Onsearch Interactive, we believe in using technology to increase the productivity of every aspect of our clients’ businesses, including human resources departments.

Many of our clients come to us for help in improving the efficiency of their HR departments, especially for companies who don’t have a full-fledged HR department or have limited resources to dedicate to these important but time-consuming tasks. The tool we recommend over and over is our HR management software called HRWeb.

This timesaving and cost effective software creates a human resources intranet portal for your business, bank or financial institution with various tools to help facilitate your day-to-day HR tasks, such as:

  1. Electronic Forms: From absence requests and expense reports to employee evaluations and new employee paperwork, you can store all of your forms in an electronic format for easier access and audit control.
  2. Employee Evaluations: Your HR department can access online employee and other types of evaluations for mass data gathering and analyzing.
  3. Policies and Procedures: You and your employees will always have access to the most up-to-date documents and complete them through approval workflow.
  4. Recruiting: You will have a centralized place to track future candidates with contact lists, group calendars and shared notes that are conveniently synchronized with your Outlook calendars.
  5. Onboarding New Employees: Your HR department will have access to an Onboarding Center that helps speed up tasks such as email, account creation, security access and equipment requests.
  6. Online Training: You can also upload and assign various assignments for your employees to cover important training topics, such as company policies and new procedures or sexual harassment documents.

Watch a Demo

To see this powerful tool in action, use the links below to watch demos:

  1. Electronic Forms
  2. Employee Evaluations
  3. Policies and Procedures
  4. Recruiting
  5. New Employees / Onboarding
  6. Online Training

You can find talking points, instructions, and full screen options in the top portion of the screen:










Get Started

Are you interested in streamlining your Human Resources Department’s daily tasks with this easy to use software? Contact us today to learn how HRWeb can benefit your business, bank or financial institution.



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