5 Tips for Selling Your Company, Products, or Services Online

Does your e-commerce website resemble an Old Western ghost town?  Is most of your traffic generated by tumbleweeds?  If you’re having trouble generating leads or closing sales through your site, ask yourself these five questions:

1. Do you tell your visitors who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you?

  • The web is saturated with companies trying to do what you’re doing.  But you’re better than them, aren’t you?  You can offer higher quality services and better deals than anyone else.  Isn’t it time customers knew that?

2. Do you talk about your customers’ pains or needs in the actual copy?

  • Maybe you should spend less time telling customers what you sell and more time showing them how your products can enrich their lives.  What is the benefit of your product?  Sell that.  People don’t buy alarm systems; they buy peace of mind.

    The popular AIDA model

3. Do you convey expertise or include evidence of your expertise?

  • Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn.  Customers need to know they can trust you before they share their credit card numbers through the World Wide Web, so list some of the successful businesses you’ve worked with or mention how long your company has been in existence.  If customers believe you’re an industry leader, they’ll go to you first.

4. Is it clear what the visitor is supposed to do in the site? 

  • In other words, do you have a clear call to action?  There’s nothing worse than losing a sale to murky website design or a confusing checkout process.  Your customers need to know exactly what to do once they decide to buy your product.

5. Can the visitor access the most important information about your company in less than three clicks?

  • In today’s hyperactive world, you only have a few seconds of your customers’ attention before they move on to a different website.  Make those seconds count!


Want to learn more?  Contact UsOnsearch Interactive looks at more than 50 variables when analyzing a site.  We can pinpoint your problem areas and show you how to maximize your selling potential.  That means goodbye tumbleweeds.

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